Biblioteche e conservazione preventiva

Donatella Matè, Pasquale Trematerra


Most of the cultural heritage preserved in libraries (and archives) is represented by materials of organic origin and as such susceptible to attack by biodeteriogens. In fact, these environments can provide an ideal habitat for various organisms, including insects, which find in them a source of food and a refuge to grow and reproduce. In recent years, plans (and projects) have been developed for the prevention and control of these pests through the adoption of integrated management strategies (or IPM), which should be part of any preventive conservation program. IPM is based on the combination and integration of ecological and low-impact practices, also with a view to sustainability, as reported by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Biblioteca; library; bibliotecario; librarian; Parassiti; Libri; Books; Patologie del libro


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