Intelligenze artificiali tra etica e diritti

Antonella De Robbio


This article is based on conversations that took place between me and ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model created to interact conversationally like a human, in a kind of internal investigation into its own functioning. The topics of the conversations with the chatbot concern aspects of intellectual property and library and information sciences, which the author is familiar with. The protection of works produced by ChatGPT, a topic that confused it, its ambiguous “relationship” with books and literature, or its uncertain and incomplete production of abstracts in the field of library and information sciences, as well as the distracted and unreliable examination on the copyright’s European Directives, were the subject of live-exercises with participants in the online course organized between February and March 2023 by the Editrice Bibliografica “Managing Copyright in Library Services” taught by the author. The proliferation of news and articles on the ChatGPT phenomenon can be frightening for the many ethical implications and the effects on the future impact that such models can have on our lives. It is therefore important to understand their mechanisms, as only with knowledge can we govern what scares us. We humans must govern machines and this requires new skills that librarians must begin to put comptence’s in-basket. If in the last century automation replaced many manual jobs, now with the advent of artificial intelligence models, especially generative ones, intellectual jobs may be at risk. Librarians have always been at the center of change processes, and this now pervasive phenomenon implies a change in the way we organize our ways of learning and building knowledge.


OpenAI; ChatGPT; AI; Artificial Intelligence; Copyright


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