L'età romana

Filomena Guariglia


The article aims to frame the genesis and evolution of the history of libraries, from their embryonic form to their greater definition through different ways. It begins by considering each type of source available: literary, epigraphic and, primarily, archaeological evidences. All within the historical framework of the process of Romanization as an extensive and enduring phenomenon, that tends to shape every single aspect of the life of a people and a nation. It proceeds, then, with the study of the design phases that give rise to the structural components of libraries and, through, the identification of characteristic elements, fix the constituent ones in order to give precise indications about an architectural typology recognizable through archaeological evidences. Working with this methodology highlights how archaeology is a field of study with a multidisciplinary character, making different aspects coexist that concur for a single purpose.


Biblioteche; Antichità; Romani;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3302/0392-8586-202205-041-1

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