Il progetto Leganto alla LIUC

Piero Cavaleri


University libraries need to cooperate with faculty members to help students finding all the readings for their courses. New Reading list management systems have been developed to face the collaborative learning and teaching environment and the new digital publications. In 2018 LIUC University library decided to use Leganto, an ExLibris product integrated with Alma and Primo VE, to manage all the University reading lists. All courses and readings lists for A.Y. 2019/2020 have been created in Leganto by the library copying 2018/2019 lists. Professors have been enabled to update and complete them. Leganto is very easy to use. It makes simple to insert new readings starting from documents available in the Alma/Primo VE repository or to cite new resources importing metadata from many sources. It is possible to create new descriptions and to upload files created by professors. Leganto will be very useful for librarians too, because when professors modify a list, Leganto alerts them, so they could check the metadata or buy the new resources. The article underlines strengths and the possible improvements of the product.


biblioteche accademiche, LIUC


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