Come la comunità bibliotecaria ucraina sta resistendo all’aggressione russa

Oksana Bruy


The essay by Oksana Bruy sheds light on the critical role that libraries and librarians play in preserving Ukrainian cultural heritage, promoting education, and supporting their communities in times of crisis. Since Russia’s largescale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, despite the challenges faced by libraries, including the occupation of territories, destruction of infrastructure, loss of books and equipment, as well as displacement of people, the librarians have continued to keep their libraries open and developed ties with local and international communities. Librarians have taken an active role in supporting their local community by responding to a growing demand for Ukrainian language courses, training on digital education, information, and media literacy. In addition, they have volunteered to make camouflage nets, collected food packages, and sorted out humanitarian aid. At the same time, library buildings have been used as bomb shelters and charging stations during power outages. Finally, Bruy argues that the social role of libraries has not changed during the war but has become more apparent. The library community’s resilience, unbreakable spirit, and belief in the future inspire confidence that Ukrainians will win their battle for freedom.


Ucraina; Biblioteca; Biblioteche; Library; Bibliotecari; Librarian; Libraries; Ukraine; Community

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