Nuove idee in spazi secolari

Giuseppina Sansica, Patrizia Camarsa, Barbara Traversi, Chiara Faggiolo, Barbara Raposso


67 years after its opening at Palazzo Sormani, Milan’s Central Municipal Library changes its skin and presents itself to the public with a new look, as the result of the renovation of services and spaces, redesigned to better meet the needs of its patrons and to make the library more open and welcoming. With the “Sormani Prossima” project, carried out completely inexpensively and relying on in-house skills and workers, the library intervened on the way its collections can be accessed by users, with an easier and more friendly approach and inaugurating open shelf areas for both books and audiovisual items. New services have been introduced, and the space intended for the public has been expanded and redesigned with a clearer and more intuitive distribution of functions. The library has bet on a renewed attention to users of all ages, starting from the smallest and youngest – the new Spazio Young area – and and it has committed itself to initiating an overall redevelopment of the offer capable of stimulating the interest and participation of citizens. The project also aims to further enhance the history of the Sormani Palace and its Historical Funds, to reveal and display more of its secret, unpublished or lesser-known aspects.”Sormani Prossima” wants to convey, with sober concreteness, a message of change and vitality, a project of transition and approach to the European Library of Information and Culture (BEIC 2.0) and in line with the Strategic Development Plan 2023-2026 of the Milan Library System.


sormani; milano


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