Il posto della lettura nella concezione della biblioteca come piattaforma

Luca Ferrieri


Starting from a polysemic analysis of the concept of “platform”, the article sets out the strengths and critical points of its application to the library field. Among these, it considers the risk of anideology of platforms (referred to as “platformism”) which tends to see libraries as means for the advent of an exclusionary, machinic, deterministic knowledge society. However, this outcome is not a foregone conclusion. It depends a lot on the positioning of libraries and the action of librarians. In the final part the article tries to outline the outlines of open, transitional, participatory platforms, which can be useful for libraries. In particular it refers to reading services and their recent and future developments, with the introduction, also in Italy, of services providing reading and reading advice, called Readers’ Advisory Services in American libraries.


Piattaforma; Lettura; Biblioteca; Consigli di lettura; Servizi

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