Il progetto di bibliotherapy della Biblioteca della Azienda ospedaliera universitaria Federico II di Napoli

Gloria Castagnolo, Maurizio Bifulco, Maria Rosaria Bacchini, Gabriella Muccione, Riccardo Romagnuolo


Reading as a cure, as an instrument of self-analysis, as a relief from anxiety and illness: this is the idea that underlies the project of booktherapy “LIBERaMente”, the library of the University Hospital Federico II of Naples. Starting from the idea that words, reading and the spread of culture are important weapons to take care of oneself, of others and of the surrounding territory, the Hospital and the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Naples Federico II, with the Fondazione Premio Napoli have created an ambitious project: to promote booktherapy in Naples on the process treatment. The newborn Library has translated into reality the belief that books, especially if well chosen, can be a medicine and represent a call to life, a moment of relaxation and relief during the stay in hospital. Not only that, the spirit of the initiative is to actively involve citizenship, making the library accessible for anyone who goes to the Polyclinic for treatment and exams, or for accompanying their loved one. The library, in fact, being in a university context, is also intended for all teaching and technical-administrative staff, as well as students and health professionals.


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